Episode 1 – Guitar Sight Reading – How & Why

For any guitarists who are looking to get their sight reading together, then this podcast is a must listen. We hope you enjoy and get plenty of food for thought from episode 1.


Learning Guitar Sight Reading On Guitar

Learning to read traditional music notation on the guitar is usually not the first thing that guitarists consider unless they come from a classical guitar background. Due to the fact that guitar sight readingguitar players get scales, chords, arpeggios and ultimately songs together quickly, by the time that they get round to thinking about getting their reading together it’s often too late; or so they think. Getting used to TAB (tablature) means they don’t see the point in learning to read.

This podcast which is episode 1 puts the case for guitar players of all ages and styles to reconsider and challenge their thoughts on learning to read music.

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The Book Discussed In The Podcast

You will see below this paragraph the book mentioned in the podcast. If you are serious about getting your sight reading skills on guitar to a higher level then these publications are a must buy.

One Three Hour Rehearsal – One Album Produced

The album below which is available on iTunes is also discussed in the podcast above. This demonstrates the power of being able to read music and what is possible.

Check out our podcast page which includes all our podcasts to date with news on up and coming episodes.

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