Drop 2 Book Cover

Drop 2 Voicings For Guitar

ARE YOU CONFUSED BY DROP 2 VOICINGS FOR GUITAR? If you are serious about getting your chord playing and knowledge together, then it's absolutely imperative...
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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons Are you looking for beginner guitar lessons? If so, you've come to the right place. Our free ten lesson course is aimed...
the journey of derek trucks

The Journey of Derek Trucks

Explore the musical journey of Derek Trucks, from child prodigy to legend in blues, rock, and beyond. Discover his dedication, evolution, and passion in this captivating tale.
Using ai to create guitar music

Explore Using AI to Create Guitar Music

Delve into the innovative realm of using AI to create guitar music and transform your songwriting with groundbreaking technology.
get a free guitar course


Title: Master 22 Hit Songs with Just 2 Chords: Introducing the Ultimate Free Email Course for Guitarists Introduction: Are you a guitarist who dreams of...
Gadgets for guitarists

Top Gadgets for Guitarists: Must-Haves in 2024

Uncover the latest must-have gadgets for guitarists that will elevate your playing and tech experience in 2024. Get ahead with innovative gear.
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How To Practice Guitar

HOW TO PRACTICE GUITAR - MAXIMISE THE BENEFIT OF YOUR TIME I suppose the meaning behind the question when students ask "how to practice guitar" is;...
Exotic scales for guitar

Exotic Scales for Guitar: Master Unique Sounds

Unlock the secrets of the fretboard with exotic scales for guitar. Explore unique sounds to elevate your playing and stand out musically!
ultimate guide to guitar summer camps in the usa 1

Guide to Guitar Summer Camps in the USA & UK

Discover the ultimate guitar summer camps across the USA perfect for every skill level. Dive into hands-on learning, connect with musicians, and elevate your playing this summer.
How important is setting up your guitar?

Guitar Setup Guide: Why It’s Crucial for Players

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, setting up your guitar is essential for a quality playing experience. A well-maintained instrument offers many...