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The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop – A Growing Range Of Guitar Products

GMI online guitar shop

The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop has been active now for around eight months. The shop is actually held on a seperate website and we thought long and hard about opening a separate entity, but we are glad we did. Read on to find out why.

The reasons for opening a seperate website for GMI were as follows:

  • Security: Security on the web is a big subject and one that needs to be taken into account. The days of just throwing anything up on the web and selling your products are gone. We needed to have a website that had the http(s) (s) – for security offered at a high level. This is especially true when a company is dealing with credit/debit cards and Paypal transactions.
  • Speed: Making the GMI main website faster. By including plugins into the the GMI – Guitar & Music Institute website that offered purchasing options, it really slowed down this site. Most people are now aware that the faster a website can load, the better it is for everyone. This includes traffic from search engines as well as user experience.
  • Expandability: By creating a purpose built website away from this website ment that we could continue to expand this website in the areas that mattered: articles, lessons, podcasts, news, reviews etc., without bogging it down with products. It also means that the GMI – Guitar Shop can also expand with many products without getting clogged down with all the other material just mentioned.
  • Focus: This website is all about providing content for guitarists around the world to learn from as well as getting the latest news about guitar. The shop is absolutely just for selling and giving away free offers. In this way we have a focussed offering for our users around the world.

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The Products We Are Developing For The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop

We look to both free and paid for products. Right now, if you click to our Scales You Can Use - GMI Guitar & Music Instituteshop you will find free wall charts for scales and arpeggios. Also, there is a large download of backing tracks, free content which accompany our guitar book publications and free PDFs of guitar related material so there’s something for everyone.

In terms of paid content, our strategy is to offer lower cost PDF editions of our printed works. The reason that some of our printed materials are a little more expensive than other publishers is that we have in two of our biggest and best selling titles Drop Two Voicings Uncovered and Scales You Can Use! gone for full colour. This is great for the customer, but it really does ramp up the production cost and means there is little left in terms of profit. If price is an issue, then the lower cost PDF options are a really good option to consider.

In Most Cases Content In PDF Titles Is Identical To Our Printed Books

In most cases the PDF titles are identical although we have stripped out some of the ancillary material. For example, in Scales You Can Use!, we do not provide the blank chord and TAB pages that are offered inside the printed version. We don’t offer all our books as PDF editions either. Our blank chord boxes, blank guitar and music tablature and practice diary are not offered in PDF format.

We Only Sell Approved GMI Products

We have looked at selling other products but we have decided that the GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop will only sell either wholly created products from GMI or those of our publishing partners. Publishing partner products are all looked at carefully and are only included in our inventory if they meet strict criteria of quality and fit in with GMI’s ethos.

You can be confident when purchasing GMI guitar and music products that you can’t buy them anywhere else and that they offer the best in guitar learning products regardless of whether they are audio, PDF books or transcriptions.

Do You Have Digital Content That Is Good Enough To Sell?

That’s right, why not become part of GMI by selling your own content through our webstore! Read all about it by reading our guitar publishing article here.

New Products Being Developed All The Time

We will soon be releasing the first of our jazz guitar chord melody arrangements. We are initially looking to release five products and based on demand we will take it from there. Each of these products will be released in PDF format and will include the following:

  • Full transcription in music and TAB of a Youtube video performance of a jazz standard.
  • A complete method on how to build up to the final performance piece, showing theoretical and conceptual ideas.
  • Each section within these PDFs will include QR codes which, when activated will include an audio commentary describing the music and section you are looking at.
  • A QR code which when activated will mean you can watch the original video performance played on your mobile device.

These products will be competitively priced and will eventually form the backbone of a new book “How To Create Jazz Chord Melody Arrangements For Guitar”. This new book will include all the PDF material as well as lot of other arrangements that you can learn to play. The emphasis is on learning a musical repertoire, not just endless books on scales, chords and arpeggios.

Please Visit Our Shop & Consider Purchasing

Your continued support is vital for the continued development of GMI and it’s products. If you visit the GMI Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop, please consider purchasing one of our low cost products as each time you purchase, you help GMI move forward and this means we can continue creating new mp3, transcription and PDF books for you to enjoy and learn from.

So, if you have enjoyed this article, please share and let others know what we are creating here at GMI. As of April 2017, we are on course for over 120,000+ visitors to the website. This growth is only possible due to our hard work and your continued support and sharing, so please keep it up, we really appreciate it.

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.