8 Travel Guitars Under The Spotlight


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If you find that your on the go a lot but you love playing guitar (and there’s not enough room), then perhaps you might like to consider a travel guitar. In this article, we mainly look at the electric variety, however, we’ll be sure to cast our eye over the acoustic travel guitars at some point.
We’ve tried to mix it up and offer a balanced range of alternatives in both price and functionality. Have a look at some of these great travel guitar ideas.

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Matte Black Electric Guitar​

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Matte Black Electric Guitar is the perfect portable solution for any guitarist who is travelling a lot. Its small size and lightweight design make it incredibly easy to travel with, without sacrificing any quality or sound.

With a full 24 3/4″ scale, this travel guitar doesn’t compromise on playability. The removable lap rest provides added comfort during longer playing sessions, and the headless design adds to its compactness.

The guitar comes with a custom gig bag, allowing for easy and safe transportation. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner looking for a travel-friendly option, the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Matte Black Electric Guitar is the perfect choice.​

Removable lap rest
Good 24 3/4-inch scale length
Perfect for in-flight strumming
In-body tuning system
In-body tuning system works well

Unstable on lap if not using lap rest
Uncomfortable to play standing

Color: Matte Black
Size: 28 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches
Gauge: Light
Bridge System: Fixed
Number of strings: 6
Style: Solid Body
Scale Length: 24.75

Traveler Guitar Electric Guitar EG-1 Custom

The Traveler Guitar Electric Guitar 6 String EG-1 Custom (Gloss Black) is a solid body guitar that delivers excellent performance and portability for musicians. With its compact design and lightweight construction, this guitar is perfect for travelers and musicians who are always on the move.

The sleek gloss black finish gives it a stylish and professional look, while the six-string configuration provides versatility in playing various genres of music. The EG-1 Custom is built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

One notable feature of this guitar is its ability to fit easily in overhead compartments or even in the included gig bag, making it incredibly convenient for traveling musicians. The tone produced by this instrument is impressive, delivering clear and vibrant sound, whether played acoustically or plugged into an amplifier.

Overall, the Traveler Guitar Electric Guitar 6 String EG-1 Custom (Gloss Black) is a reliable and well-designed instrument. It offers great playability, excellent sound quality, and the freedom of mobility, making it a fantastic choice for musicians who are always on the move.

Super lightweight and portable
Great for travel
Built-in headphone amp with effects
Built-in headphone amp works better than expected
Shorter length, lighter weight than a full-size guitar

Uninspiring pickups
Unbalanced weight distribution

Number of strings: 6
Material: Alder, Walnut Wood
Weight: 4.13 pounds
Size: 28.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 inches
Color: Gloss Black
Operation mode: Manual

Enya Smart Acustica Electric Guitar

Enya’s Acoustic-Electric Carbon Fiber Classical Nylon String Travel Guitar NEXG 2N is a true gem for guitar enthusiasts. This guitar not only provides a beautiful and resonant sound, but its carbon fiber construction makes it incredibly durable, lightweight, and perfect for travelers. Enya has truly hit the mark with this model, offering both quality and convenience.

The addition of a 50W wireless speaker only enhances the experience, allowing users to effortlessly amplify their music without worrying about cable limitations. The inclusion of a gig bag, strap, charging cable, footswitch, and adjusting wrench truly adds value to the overall package. With Enya’s reputable brand name, customers can trust that they are investing in a high-quality product that will last. Overall, the Enya Acoustic-Electric Carbon Fiber Classical Nylon String Travel Guitar NEXG 2N is a fantastic choice for musicians of all levels.

Wireless speaker included
Includes a wireless speaker that can be used with other guitars
Includes a wireless speaker that can be used independently
Loudspeakers built into the guitar
Speaker can be used as wireless home stereo

Heavy, unbalanced
Speaker quality could be better

Hand Orientation: Not specified
Style: World-music
Size: 39 x 11 x 3 inches
Weight: 6.6 pounds
Strings number: 6
Material: Carbon Fiber, Nylon
Model: NEXG 2N

Enya NOVA Electric Guitar with Bundle Kit

The Enya NOVA Go SP1 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar is a fantastic choice for any guitarist looking for a versatile and high-quality instrument. The carbon fiber construction not only makes it sleek and visually appealing, but it also provides an excellent tone and durability. The addition of the Smart AcousticPlus technology allows for easy and convenient amplification, making this guitar perfect for both practicing and performing. The travel bundle kit is a great bonus, as it includes essential accessories such as a gig bag, strap, strings, charging cable, and instrument cable. Overall, the Enya NOVA Go SP1 is a reliable and impressive electric guitar that delivers exceptional sound and functionality.

Customizable built-in effects
Water-resistant, weather-resistant, and humidity-resistant
Lightweight and comfortable to play
Ergonomic design
Includes Enya AcousticPlus pickup system

Underwhelming unplugged sound
Non-standard scale length (24.8″)

Model: Enya NOVA Go SP1
Size: 35 Inch
Weight: 8.28 pounds
Strings: 6
Bridge System: Fixed
Color: Black

Journey Instruments OF660M Acoustic Guitar

The Journey Instruments Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is a worth a look for musicians on the go. With its collapsible patented system, this acoustic guitar easily fits into the included portable backpack case, making it effortless to travel with. The sleek matte black finish adds to its appeal, giving it a modern and stylish look.

Not only is this guitar extremely portable, but it also delivers excellent sound quality. The carbon fiber construction provides durability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of travel without compromising its tone. Whether you’re a professional musician or just someone who loves playing the guitar, the Journey Instruments Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar is a reliable and convenient choice.

Comes with travel backpack
Good volume and projection for a small body
Collapsible neck with backpack case
Includes premium backpack — ideal for air travel
Good sustain and volume

Very easy to disassemble
Can still be a hassle to get on a plane

Weight: 4.18 pounds
Size: 4.65 x 12.52 x 36.22 inch
Color: Matte Black
Assemble time: around 20 seconds
Number of strings: 6
Material Type (top): Carbon Fiber
Brand: Journey Instruments

Donner Portable Ultra-Light Acoustic

The Donner Mini Guitar Amp Digital paired with the Donner HUSH-I Guitar makes for an incredible combination for acoustic guitar enthusiasts. This portable and ultra-light setup is perfect for travel, allowing musicians to enjoy their acoustic-electric guitar anywhere, anytime.

The Mini Guitar Amp Digital delivers a powerful and clear sound despite its compact size. It’s very easy to use and provides various tone options to suit different musical styles. Additionally, its ultra-quiet performance ensures that the sound quality remains pristine, even at low volumes.

The HUSH-I Guitar is the ultimate travel companion for acoustic guitar players. With its headless design, it is incredibly lightweight, allowing guitarists to carry it effortlessly. Despite its small size, the HUSH-I Guitar produces a rich and vibrant sound, making it a pleasure to play.

Overall, the combination of the Donner Mini Guitar Amp Digital and the HUSH-I Guitar is a dream come true for musicians who want a portable and high-quality acoustic guitar setup. Whether you’re a professional guitarist or just starting out, this Duo will exceed your expectations.

Includes Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio playback
Built-in Bluetooth for streaming music from your phone
Bluetooth audio playback
Very lightweight and portable

Underwhelming overdrive effects
Can be difficult to read the small controls

AEROBAND Silent Guitar

The AeroBand Guitar Stringless is an innovative and unique acoustic-electric travel guitar that is perfect for beginners, adults, and teenagers. This portable silent guitar is designed specifically for those on the go, offering convenience without compromising on quality. The standout feature of this product is the removable fretboard, which allows users to easily practice chords and scales without the hassle of traditional strings. The guitar is well-built and sturdy, providing a comfortable playing experience. With its compact size and included carrying case, it’s easy to take this guitar anywhere. Overall, the AeroBand Guitar Stringless is a great option for anyone looking for a portable and versatile instrument.

Can play in any key
Lightweight and portable
Companion app helps you learn songs and technique
Totally silent
Completely silent

Requires iOS 13 or later to use app
App has a bit of a learning curve

Size: 29.6 x 18 x 4 inches
Strings: 6
Weight: 9.18 pounds
Battery: Lithium Ion
Color: Black
Material Type: ABS, PVC, Silicone

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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