RGBlink Mini-Edge: Elevate Your Live Streams


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    In the ever-evolving world of live streaming and content creation, having the right tools is essential. Enter the RGBlink Mini-Edge, an all-in-one video mixer switcher designed to elevate your productions.

    With a robust set of features, including a 5.5-inch display, 5 channel input, and professional-grade audio capabilities, the RGBlink Mini-Edge is a game-changer for streamers, podcasters, and content creators alike.

    Using the RGBlink Mini-Edge has transformed many live streaming setups. The seamless switching between multiple video and audio inputs has allowed me to create dynamic and engaging content effortlessly.

    The one-click Chroma Key integration and the ability to control PTZ cameras directly have been particularly impressive. These features have made broadcasts look more professional and polished, enhancing viewer experience.

    Constantly Evolving Features

    RGBBlink Mini-Edge

    The RGBlink Mini-Edge is designed to grow as a user’s needs grow. This all-in-one video mixer switcher is constantly updated with new features, making it a future-proof investment. The dedicated RGBlink team ensures that users receive regular software updates to enhance functionality and performance. This commitment to continuous improvement means that users can look forward to new capabilities and optimizations after their purchase. Stay alert for hardware updates as well, which can further expand the possibilities of your video production setup. The evolving nature of the Mini-Edge ensures that it can meet the demands of both current and future projects. Your creativity is matched by RGBlink’s ongoing innovation, providing a dynamic tool for content creation.

    Unmatched Control & Precision

    RGBBlink Mini-Edge

    The RGBlink Mini-Edge offers seamless control and precision, making it an ideal choice for high-stake events and multi-platform live broadcasts. With the ability to switch between 5 video inputs and 8 audio inputs, users can manage complex productions effortlessly. The bidirectional faders and a 5.5-inch HD screen provide intuitive control, allowing for smooth transitions and adjustments. This level of control ensures that every broadcast maintains a professional quality, regardless of its complexity. The Mini-Edge’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, reducing the learning curve and enabling even beginners to produce high-quality content. The precision provided by this video mixer switcher makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from live streaming to podcasting.

    Professional-Grade Audio Quality

    RGBBlink Mini-Edge

    Capturing high-quality audio is crucial for any video production, and the RGBlink Mini-Edge excels in this area. It features XLR/TRS ports and direct XLR connections, allowing for professional-grade audio input. The inclusion of 48V phantom power means that users can utilize studio-quality microphones, ensuring that every nuance of the audio is captured. This makes the Mini-Edge perfect for podcasts, music recordings, and other audio-intensive applications. The robust audio capabilities of the Mini-Edge allow for clear and precise sound, enhancing the overall production quality. Whether you are recording a live event or producing content in a controlled studio environment, the Mini-Edge provides the tools needed to achieve exceptional audio results.

    One-Click Chroma Key Magic

    RGBBlink Mini-Edge

    Transforming your presentations with virtual environments is made easy with the RGBlink Mini-Edge’s one-click Chroma Key integration. This feature allows users to create professional virtual studios and backgrounds with minimal effort. By simply enabling the Chroma Key function, you can replace your background with any image or video, adding a layer of creativity and professionalism to your content. This is particularly useful for live streaming and presentations where visual appeal is critical. The simplicity of the one-click Chroma Key function means that anyone can use it, regardless of their technical expertise. This feature not only enhances the visual quality of your productions but also offers endless possibilities for creative expression. The Mini-Edge makes it easy to impress your audience with stunning visual effects.

    Stream Like a Pro

    RGBBlink Mini-Edge

    The RGBlink Mini-Edge is designed to elevate your live streaming experience to professional heights. It utilizes H.265 encoding for superior streaming quality, ensuring that your broadcasts look crisp and clear. Additionally, the Mini-Edge supports simultaneous broadcasting to multiple platforms using RTMP(S) integration, making it easy to reach a wider audience. This feature is particularly beneficial for content creators who want to maximize their reach and engagement. The advanced streaming capabilities of the Mini-Edge mean that you can deliver high-quality content consistently, regardless of the platform. The ease of use and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced streamers looking to enhance their live broadcasts. With the Mini-Edge, you can stream like a pro and connect with your audience more effectively.

    Effortless PTZ Camera Control


    Controlling PTZ cameras is a breeze with the RGBlink Mini-Edge. The integrated joystick and toggle allow users to directly control up to four PTZ cameras, making it easy to follow the action and capture every moment. This feature is particularly useful for live events, where dynamic camera control is essential. The ability to adjust camera angles and positions seamlessly ensures that you can capture the best possible shots at all times. The intuitive controls make it easy to manage multiple cameras, reducing the complexity of multi-camera setups. This level of control is invaluable for producing professional-quality video content, whether it’s a live concert, a sports event, or a corporate presentation. The Mini-Edge’s PTZ camera control feature enhances the versatility and functionality of your video production setup.

    Record Without Limits


    The RGBlink Mini-Edge allows you to record high-definition video without any limitations. With a USB 3.0 interface that can connect to a 2TB hard drive, users can record up to 100 hours of 160Mbps video while streaming. This ensures that you never miss a moment of your production, providing a reliable solution for archiving and post-production editing. The ability to record and stream simultaneously means that you can focus on delivering your content without worrying about storage constraints. The high-definition recording capability ensures that your videos retain their quality, making them suitable for professional use. This feature is particularly beneficial for content creators who need to produce long-form content or capture extensive events. The Mini-Edge’s recording capabilities provide the flexibility and reliability needed for any video production scenario.

    Versatile Connectivity Options

    The RGBlink Mini-Edge offers a range of connectivity options to suit various production needs. With multiple video and audio inputs, including HDMI, SDI, and XLR, users can integrate a wide array of devices into their setup. This versatility ensures that the Mini-Edge can accommodate different types of equipment, making it a flexible solution for diverse production environments. The robust connectivity options allow for seamless integration with cameras, microphones, computers, and other peripherals, enhancing the overall functionality of the video mixer switcher. This flexibility is particularly useful for users who work in different settings, such as studios, live events, or remote locations. The Mini-Edge’s comprehensive connectivity ensures that it can adapt to any production requirement, providing a reliable and versatile tool for content creation.

    User-Friendly Interface

    The RGBlink Mini-Edge is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to both beginners and professionals. The 5.5-inch HD screen provides a clear and intuitive display, allowing users to easily navigate through the various controls and settings. The layout is straightforward and logically organized, reducing the learning curve and enabling users to focus on their production tasks. The intuitive design ensures that users can quickly make adjustments and switch between inputs, enhancing the overall efficiency of the workflow. The user-friendly interface of the Mini-Edge makes it an ideal choice for those who require a powerful yet easy-to-use video mixer switcher. Whether you’re new to video production or an experienced professional, the Mini-Edge offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

    Compact and Portable Design

    The RGBlink Mini-Edge features a compact and portable design, making it easy to transport and set up in various locations. Despite its small size, the Mini-Edge is packed with powerful features, providing a comprehensive video production solution in a portable package. This makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go content creators, live event producers, and anyone who needs a versatile video mixer switcher that can be easily moved. The lightweight and durable construction ensure that the Mini-Edge can withstand the rigors of frequent use and transportation. The portability of the Mini-Edge allows users to bring professional-grade video production capabilities wherever they go, making it a valuable tool for dynamic and mobile content creation. The combination of power and portability makes the Mini-Edge a standout choice in the market.


    • Constantly evolving features with regular updates.
    • Seamlessly switches between multiple video and audio inputs.
    • Professional-grade audio quality with XLR/TRS ports and 48V phantom power.


    • Relatively high price point.
    • Potential learning curve for beginners.
    • Limited to 5 video and 8 audio inputs.


    The RGBlink Mini-Edge stands out as a versatile and powerful tool for anyone serious about live streaming and content creation. Its constantly evolving features ensure it remains at the cutting edge of technology.

    Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, the RGBlink Mini-Edge offers unmatched control, precision, and quality, making it a worthy investment for your production needs.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Can this device stream to multiple platforms simultaneously?

    Answer: Yes, the RGBlink Mini-Edge supports simultaneous streaming to multiple platforms using RTMP(S) integration.

    Question: Does it support PTZ camera control?

    Answer: Yes, it has integrated joystick and toggle controls for up to four PTZ cameras.

    Question: What storage options are available for recording?

    Answer: You can connect a 2T hard drive via the USB 3.0 interface to record up to 100 hours of 160Mbps high-definition video.

    This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.