How Should You Learn To Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar is an easy decision to make. How to learn to play guitar is a whole different ball game! The question is "would you be better learning to play guitar with a teacher or self teach yourself online"?


Conclusion On How To Play Guitar

Although this site promotes online guitar lessons with video and further resources, we paradoxically come firmly down on the side of guitar players looking for an actual guitar teacher. Or perhaps, a better conclusion would be that “blended” learning is the way to go. The Internet offers guitar players a great wealth of opportunity through video lessons. New ideas, huge amount of content are all great plus points for this way of learning. The proviso is that to make fast progress and to ensure that bad habits don’t take root a good guitar teacher offers more. The downside to one to one tuition is the cost. Also, we would say that learning within groups is also a bad ideas especially if you are beginner guitar player. Invariably, people learn at different speeds and the slowest either get left behind or the faster learners become frustrated.

Learn To Play Guitar – The Third Way

There is a third way and one that strides both camps and that is learning via Skype guitar lessons or other online real time teaching methods. These lessons will cost you money and you will need a reasonably fast computer and broadband Internet connection. If you have these in place and a guitar teacher is not close by then this could be an excellent choice.

Have a look at these comments and advice from people across the web on how to play guitar on Quora. Hopefully this will help you come to your own decision.

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