How Should You Learn To Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar is an easy decision to make. How to learn to play guitar is a whole different ball game! The question is "would you be better learning to play guitar with a teacher or self teach yourself online"?


Learning Guitar On The Internet – The Pros

  • For the most part, or if you wish it, it’s totally free.
  • It’s right there in front of you, no travelling or travelling costs.
  • A huge amount of websites and video sites offer a massive amount of material in all possible genres.
  • Large amounts of fresh new content being created and uploaded every day.
  • There are now established sites which Youtube and other video sites regard as “go to” guitar lesson pages.
  • On the better videos resources such as PDFs, backing tracks and more are offered completely free of charge.

Learning Guitar On The Internet – The Cons

    • There is no critical appraisal going on whether a tutor’s videos are good or bad other than if they are popular. You want to learn to play guitar and it’s right in front of you.
    • The guitar student does not get feedback on potentially harmful technical ticks that need addressing.
    • Cherry picking. Very prevalent on the web. Guitarists take a bit of this, a bit of that and at the end of the day know a lot of little bits of songs, riffs, ideas but do not learn an overarching approach to playing the instrument.
    • Guitarists don’t have any anyone telling them that their execution of a scale, riff, lick is poor. This can lead again to poor technique and a “it’ll do” attitude.
    • Just because there are people on the Internet who can play well, fast or have a lot of views does not necessarily mean they have thought through lesson plans, ideas and can educate guitar players to a higher level.
    • If online lessons were the answer, why are guitar teachers more popular than ever?

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