Episode 46 – Wristruments – A New Way To Learn Guitar With Your Watch!


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A New App Which Makes Use Of The Apple iWatch To Learn Guitar Is Arriving Soon…

Heard of Wristruments yet? If not, check out this podcast which details the app, work and company set up by Joe Corcoran which helps people learn to play guitar by using your watch! Interested? Thought so, click for more…

Joe Corcoran takes part in this podcast to outline his heading up of new and exciting app and a range of apps yet to come for instrumentalists and music teachers around the world.

Check out this amazing new piece of technology that is about to hit the world of tech really soon. Wristruments for guitar is the first app in a whole host of new instrument specific apps being created to help beginners to advanced players and teachers connect with each other. Check out the podcast below and listen to Joe Corcoran who heads up Wristruments.



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Podcast Ep 46 – Table Of Contents

2.58 Joe outlines what the app is all about.

6.34 An app that grades performance of the performer?!

5.38 The language that the app uses

8.46 The main features of the app.

11.30 Who exactly is Wristruments for?

15.38 Could the angle of the wrist be a problem for guitarists?

22.28 Some of the people behind Wristruments from around the world.

26.22 The emerging technology around Wristruments.

32.51 The trends in music and technology

Links Wristruments:

Get behind the Wristruments campaign, learn all about it and get a lifetime subscription by clicking this Indiegogo link.

If you are viewing this link when the indiegogo campaign has finished, check out the Wristruments website.

Thanks for listening to our latest podcast, we have another lined up and it will be appearing soon. If you enjoyed this podcast, then please check out all our other GMI – Guitar and Music Institute podcasts.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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