Episode 44 – Musicians & Live Streaming With Andi Lippi


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As the pandemic continues to prevent most musicians from performing is live streaming a possible alternative for you? Live streaming expert Andi Lippi, possibly the most outwardly positive man on the planet right now, explains why and how you can reach a huge new audience


Ged Brockie has undertaken several podcast interviews with musicians who are dealing with the effects of a global pandemic and shutdown. In this episode, Ged talks to live steaming guru Andi Lippi. Andi provides a large range of hints, tips and guides for anyone interested in live streaming. 

As Andi is also interested in music, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to discuss with him the technology, ideas and knowledge needed for musicians to operate effectively within the burgeoning live streaming platforms now spreading their tentacles across the globe.

Find out more about Andi with a selection of videos from his Youtube channel and various online links.

Andi is a prolific Youtube video creator and works with others in the live streaming community to help create new plugins for OBS (see link at end of article for free download). Here are just a few of his many excellent videos.    




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Podcast Ep 44 – Table Of Contents

3.14 The content that Andi creates around live streaming

7.12 The huge range of subjects now being live streamed.

9.25 How easy is it to start live streaming?

11.17 The amazing free software created for streaming OBS

20.46 Andi’s background before live streaming took over. 

29.59 The way live streams are monetised. 

34.44 How studios may well morph into live streaming centers.

40.38 How the rapid march of technology is creating the conditions for even better live stream opportunities.

Links for Andi Lippi content:

Andi’s Youtube channel can be found HERE and Andi’s Twitch channel

Thanks for listening to our latest podcast, we have another lined up and it will be appearing soon. If you enjoyed this podcast, then please check out all our other GMI – Guitar and Music Institute podcasts.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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