Episode 26 – Claudio Pagelli of Pagelli Guitars

If you have never heard of Pagelli guitars then are you in for a treat! The husband and wife team of Claudio and Claudia Pagelli have been creating the most incredibly guitars of all types for nearly forty years. These instruments not only look great, but sound wonderful as well. GMI - Guitar & Music Institute creator Ged Brockie in conversation with Claudio Pagelli.


Claudio Pagelli One Half Of The Team That Creates Some Of The Finest Handmade Guitars In The World

Claudio Pagelli of Pagelli Guitars

Claudio Pagelli and his wife Claudia create beautiful guitars that can be seen as works of art in their own right. Although Pagelli Guitars will need no introduction for the majority of archtop and guitar enthusiasts/players, for the few people out there who have not come across Pagelli Guitars stunning designs, you are in for a treat.

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute leader Ged Brockie in discussion with Claudio Pagelli.

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Podcast Ep 26 – Table Of Contents

2.12 Discussing whether the guitar is in danger of being forgotten.
4.40 Environmental issues regarding guitar building.
7.16 The guitar design process and how the Pagelli team work.
9.43 Starting out.
14.55 Moving from the initial design process to building a guitar.
21.55 Attending large music industry shows.
24.00 The tools needed to build guitars.
25.10 The question of creating guitar building courses?
26.49 Future plans in the Pagelli locker.
29.09 Any chance of a payment plan to buy Pagelli guitars?

Video Of Claudio Pagelli

Here are just some of the many videos of Claudio Pagelli on video.

Links To Pagelli Guitars Online Content

Want to know more or want one (or more) of these Pagelli guitars by Claudio and Claudia Pagelli? Thought so. Find out more from these links.

Check out the Pagelli Guitars website.

On Social Media? Here is Pagelli Guitars Facebook Page.

There are huge amounts of images all over a plethora of social media platforms and obviously within Google itself. Just search for Pagelli Guitars.

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