Episode 2 – So You Want To Be A Professional Guitarist

Are you wanting to become a professional guitarist but you don't know how you can actually make the jump to earning a living from playing music? In this episode, you'll learn about some of the less talked about realities of being a musician and earning your living full time.


How Does Someone Become A Professional Guitarist?

So if you are starting out, or perhaps you’ve been playing for some time and you want to make the jump to full time becoming a professional guitarist full time, how do you go about this? What does it entail? More importantly, what is the probable reality compared to the dreams that you have? In this episode, you will hear from guitarist Ged Brockie who has GMI Podcast Ep 2 So you want to be a professional guitaristbeen plying his trade as a professional musician for over thirty years. Pulling from his own experience you’ll learn just what it takes to earn your living as a musician. A highly personal podcast episode, Ged talks about his own beginnings as a musician and how this initial dream developed into the reality of actually making a living.

This podcast talks about the realities of making a living as a musician and the fact that you don’t always get everything on your own terms. Also discussed is the how you need a basket of skills and you also need to be adaptable to situations. Talent, that often used word also is considered. What really is talent and how do other people view and perceive it?

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Note From Ged Brockie

I have included a download of my CV which includes the vast majority of the work that I have carried out. It does not list my ongoing home tuition and gigs I perform at in my hometown and further afield. I have included it so you can see the diversity needed to earn a living as a musician. Or at least, this is how I have found it.





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