Chromatic Scales

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Standard

chromatic scale guitar

ABOUT THIS LESSON: The Chromatic scale is the foundation of all chords, scales & arpeggios. It’s a wonderful tool for helping your picking technique, adjacent string playing and for use in improvisation.

Pentatonic Scales

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Standard

pentatonic scale guitar

ABOUT THIS LESSON:  Pentatonic scales are used extensively within a wide range of music. This lesson shows how pentatonics can be played in five positions across the fretboard in one key utilising relative major and minor scales.

Blues Scales For Guitar Players

Length: 11 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Standard

blues scale guitar

ABOUT THIS LESSON: The Blues scale is as popular today as it’s ever been. This lesson shows how you can extend all your Pentatonic Scales into Blues scales across the neck. This lesson pulls together theoretical and pattern concepts explained in the “pentatonic scales” lesson.

Seven Major Scales In One Position

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Standard

seven major scales in one position

This lesson continues from the lesson which outlined the seven major scales and helps you to understand the musical power they offer in any one position on the guitar neck.

Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar Players Should Know

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Hard

harmonic minor scale guitar

The harmonic minor scale is one of the most beautiful scales guitarists can learn. Learning them across the neck, however, can be difficult. In this lesson, you will not only learn the scale, but how to utilise your existing knowledge to help you make fast progress.

Whole Tone Scale

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Ged Brockie

whole tone scale

The whole tone scale is often ignored as guitarists feel it is either hard to play or hard to use. In this lesson, you are introduced to a couple of ways to play the whole tone scale that is easy to grasp, learn and perform.

Diminished scale

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Hard

diminished scale

If you have struggled to get your head around diminished scales, then this lesson will hopefully clear up any doubts or misunderstandings you have.