Italian Theorbo Music For Classical Guitar Released!

Jamie Akers Theorbo
James Akers playing a Theorbo

We are delighted to announce that the first of two new publications from GMI – Guitar & Music Institute has been released. Titled Italian Theorbo Music, this book has been created by virtuoso early music performer James Akers and is now available to buy.

The book has been over six months in development and has gone through numerous designs, but we think that if you are interested in classical guitar, you’ll get so much from this new 131 page publication.

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What Does The Book Consist Of?

Italian Theorbo Music Transcribed For Classical Guitar

Italian Theorbo Music is a book of transcribed Theorbo works for classical guitar. The transcriptions were undertaken by renown guitarists, lute and early instrument specialist James Akers. This book contains works from three of the world’s great stringed instrument composers; Kapsberger, Piccinini and Castaldi.

Twenty one musical works are presented with selected accompaniments and figured bass also offered specifically from the music of Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger.

This book is a must for anyone who is either interest in the amazing Theorbo instrument and it’s music of those who are looking to learn more about the composers and their work. As well as this, Italian Theorbo Music also includes:

  1. All music provided in music notation & TAB
  2. Figured bass, accompaniments & guitar realisations examples 
  3. Author video play through of selected works via QR code
  4. Narration of selected pieces & composers biog. via QR code
  5. Narration & notes about the history of the Theorbo
  6. Free additional works available to download
A short example of one of the type of music you’ll find.

Low Cost Try Before You Buy Alternative – Four Pieces Immediate Download!

The PDF companion Cover

If you are not sure if this book is for you then why not purchase our companion Italian Theorbo Music PDF direct from the GMI Guitar Shop (immediate delivery). It contains four pieces and includes works from all the composers in the main book.

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This PDF is free for printed book owners, however, if you do want to try out some of the pieces and learn a lot more about the printed version of the book then this is a great option. NOTE: none of the pieces in the PDF are in the printed book.

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