Episode 24 – Interview With Gianluca La Boria of GLB Sound

In these days of mass produced everything, it's wonderful to discover artisans who love and have pride in the products they create. GLB Sound is one of those companies run by Gianluca La Boria. Self taught in every aspect of business and amplifier design, Gianluca has created a stunning range of jazz guitar amps that sound and look as good as anything on the market today.


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GLB Sound – Creators Of Jazz Guitar Amplification

GLB Sound GIG50

If you are interested in guitar amplifiers or amplification in general then you are in for a treat! Italian guitar amp builder Gianluca La Boria gives an in depth interview about his company, the amplifiers he builds and exactly how he goes about creating his sumptuous amplifiers.

Are you tired of just getting the cheapest mass produced amplification on the market? If not then you are missing out. Hopefully this interview with an artist of amplification will change your mind.

Podcast Ep 24 – Table Of Contents

3.10 Guinluca’s background before setting up the business.
4.55 Italian design – a cultural heritage.
8.27 Discussing the role of the amplifier in the sound creation process.
12.04 The importance of tonewoods.
21.29 Needing to find the correct wood with the right harmonic response.
34.57 Thinking about the weight of amplification.
39.40 The reality of running a small business.
52.17 Paint and why it matters.

Other GLB Sound Content

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Links To GLB Sound Online Content

Here are a bunch of links to on how you can learn more about hiring out your gear that perhaps you’re not using or don’t really want anymore. Included is the main website but there are plenty of social media links for you to choose from as well.

Check out the GLB Sound Website.

On Social Media? GLB Sound on Facebook. Here is GLB Sound on Instagram.

The GLB Sound Youtube channel.


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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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