Episode 5 – Interview With Joseph Alexander Founder Of Fundamental Changes.

Joseph Alexander is a modern phenomenon. He has harnessed his talents and through the use of digital media and new media publishing techniques is fast becoming a Titan within the realm of the music publishing world. Just when you thought the main players had everything sewn up, Joseph Alexander has shown everyone a new way. He has become a beacon of hope for guitarists around the world looking to make a meaningful living in a post digital world. In this in depth interview, we find out who he is, his love of guitar and music and how he is building his guitar business.


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Joseph Alexander Of Fundamental Changes – The Guitarist Who’s Sold 300,000 Guitar Books!

Joseph Alexander with Brian May

Joseph Alexander, the founder of Fundamental Changes is an amazing person and not only because he has sold a million dollars of guitar books. He is amazing because he found a gap in a market using new publishing technology and worked tirelessly to create a new way of reaching guitar players around the world. Joseph is now a regular speaker for Amazon events as he explains and helps others understand his business, work and music ethos. In this our fifth podcast, Ged Brockie discusses Joseph’s musical background, training and how he built up this business from nothing. Joseph also discusses where he sees things going in the future as well as offering a shout out to talent around the world to get on board with Fundamental Changes.

Podcast Ep 5 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.26 Introduction by Joseph.
  • 2.45 Meeting Brian May of Queen.
  • 5.45 Early music education and exposure to guitar.
  • 7.08 Moving to London & London College of Music
  • 9.04 Starting a degree at the Leeds College of Music.
  • 14.20 How the first guitar book came about and the start of Fundamental Changes.
  • 15.30 Publishing the first book.
  • 18.00 Moving on to further guitar publications and the process behind this.
  • 21.35 Becoming a power publisher on Amazon.
  • 23.15 Joseph explains his process when writing a guitar book.
  • 26.50 Potential collaboration with Martin Taylor on a new book title.
  • 28.50 Branding and the way it works with Amazon.
  • 32.20 Opportunities for new guitarists and musicians with Fundamental Changes.
  • 35.27 Royalty split details for writers and how Fundamental Changes works with others.
  • 38.40 Future plans for Fundamental Changes.

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More About Joseph Alexander

You learn more about Fundamental Changes at the following website link and get in touch if you would like see your guitar/music book in print!

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.