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Guitar Finger Exercises

Guitar Finger Exercises

To develop and enable you to play music of all genres, GMI offers a range of guitar finger exercises. These exercises cover different areas of guitar technique. This is an expanding range of lessons and all the lessons are held within the guitar techniques course.

guitar finger exercises
Expand your reach over the fretboard brings new sound opportunities with these guitar finger exercises.










The main thing to keep in mind is that technique with relation to guitar is not an end unto itself. Your technique should enable you to play things not open to you. As well as this, you should always keep in mind that exercises such as stretching can damage your hand. Make sure that you do not feel any pain and if pain occurs, stop. Many guitarists feel that if it’s hurting, it’s working. This is absolute nonsense. Once problems do occur re specific technique exercises, it can be really hard to rectify the problem.


GMI will continually expand the range of technique exercises available to our members. This will include string skipping, stretching, general picking, rhythmic ideas etc. In all cases, we are looking to pinpoint a specific problem and help rectify it through time served ideas that work. Once these exercises are mastered, then when playing within the context of a song the background work helps application.


If you enjoy this lesson then please sign up for our other technique lessons. Once signed up, you will be able to access all our free guitar lessons. The range is constantly expanding. If you do not wish to sign up, you can still access our lessons via our Youtube channel. We put the majority of our lessons on Youtube, although we do add further content for our members here. As well as this, we also include other resources such as pdfs, backing tracks and further advice.

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic guitar lessons are offered to guitarists by GMI for those who can play beyond a basic level. This lesson is the preview lesson from the Advancing Guitar course. GMI – The Guitar & Music Institute, offers a range of free guitar courses. The other lessons in the course includes downloadable pdfs and the following lessons:

  1. Open String Scales
  2. Playing Melodies In Several Keys
  3. Right Hand Rhythm Patterns
  4. Major Seven, sus2, sus4 Chords
  5. Open String Chords Up The Neck
  6. Open String Major Arpeggios
  7. Practice Routines For Open String Arpeggios


acoustic guitar lessons
Lesson two is all about learning a new song “Heading Home” in three different major keys.

The course will be augmented with further lessons. Coming soon in lesson seven will be playing arpeggios together. To sign up to the course and to view all course materials simply sign up via the button on the menu above.


The aim of the “Advancing Guitar” course is to take acoustic guitarists to the next level of understanding. To do this, the course highlights areas that are often overlooked by other online guitar lessons.


In the second lesson of the course you take a melody and play it in several major keys. By doing this, players begin to understand the underlying template to scale patterns that are used within songs.

In lesson five, simple open string chords are taken up the neck. Using already known chords in different neck positions is a great way of creating new sounds. It also opens up the possibility of using other chord forms not covered in this course.


If you enjoy this preview lesson, then check out our entire course range. The course is taught by professional guitarist and tutor Ross Baird. Ross has had years of experience in teaching and helping guitarists of all levels to make progress.

Our guitar lessons are supported by free and premium content found in our online guitar store. Immediate downloads of great material, make sure you visit us.

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Pentatonic Scales Guitar

Pentatonic Scales Guitar

New players may not be aware that pentatonic scales guitar knowledge is a must. For improvising, playing songs, riffs and a host of other applications, knowledge in this area is a prerequisite. At GMI we offer players a range of lessons. Not only regarding scale knowledge but other courses outlined below. Within the scales course we not offer a pentatonic scales lesson, and all the other scales that you need to help you become the guitarist armed with the knowledge you need.

pentatonic scales guitar
Outlining the five most prominent pentatonic scale patterns used today.


The following lesson by lead GMI instructor Ged Brockie will outline the five main pentatonic scales for guitar across the fretboard. This is just one from the GMI course in guitar scales that you can view GUITAR SCALES, just sign up to access for free.

The course currently covers pentatonics, blues, major, chromatic, melodic minor, fretted major scales with several new lessons coming soon.


Most of our lessons come with accompanying pdfs which support the video lesson. If you wish to access these extra resources, then please sign up for a free GMI account by hitting the button in the menu at the top of the page.


New courses are being added all the time and currently we offer a full beginners course, barre chords, a course for guitarists who are looking to expand beyond beginner. Also offered are technique, guitar play alongs, a special beyond barre chords course as well as backing tracks.


Please sign up today at GMI to add your online lesson and get your work seen around the world.


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The Christmas Song Jazz Guitar Arrangement

Play The Wonderful The Christmas Song Jazz Guitar Arrangement

The Christmas Song Jazz Guitar Arrangement performed by Ged Brockie.

If you would like to learn and play it, click the download link where you can purchase the complete arrangement below. Included is both music notation and TAB for non music readers.



We will be uploading more blog posts that relate to video lessons from within GMI and our Youtube channel. Each time we add a blog specific post, we will also include a help sheet or music notation part for you to download and practice. A large amount of this download material will be free. The Christmas Song Jazz guitar arrangement is the first of these blog download and learn posts.

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Learning To Play The F Chord

F Chord – A Real Challenge?

The F chord. Exactly why have we created a blog post about one specific chord? Well, it’s kind of synonymous with so much about learning guitar in this day and age. It also provides a neat correlation with lead tutor Ged Brockie’s own learning in the early days of his playing guitar. When he started out learning guitar in the mists of time all I had to help him was a book of chords. He was doing okay but then I came across the

F chord

dreaded “F chord”! That’s when things started to get hard and that’s when he began to wonder if it would be a good idea to get a guitar teacher as he just couldn’t seem to get things going.

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