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Monthly Archives: April 2017

talk about improvisation

Episode 7 – We Need To Talk About Improvisation.

A Talk About Improvisation & How You Can Develop Your Creativity.Learning to improvise is the Holy Grail for a most musicians. For some, however,...
ain't no sunshine

How to play “Ain’t No Sunshine” … as John Mayer cover’s song.

"Ain't No Sunshine" - an easy but amazing song.Bill Withers song Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone is an absolute classic which every guitar...
wild thing

How to play “Wild Thing” … as The Troggs pass fifty!

The Troggs still have "Wild Thing" at heart.It's been a long time since the Troggs smashed through to the consciousness of the western world's...
Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth A Tribute…

Allan Holdsworth A Titan Of The GuitarMost guitar players who love the instrument will know of Allan Holdsworth passing. Allan was a singularly talented...
Brian Setzer

How to play “Stray Cat Strut” – Brian Setzer goes on tour

Brian Setzer ...  "The Rockabilly King" of the 1980's!When Brian Setzer and the Stray Cat's burst on to the music scene back in the...
Calum Malcolm

Episode 6 – Interview With Music Producer Calum Malcolm.

Calum Malcolm Has Recorded Some Of The Biggest Names In Music. Hear What He Has To Say About Music, Tech., Education & More.Calum Malcolm is without doubt one...
latest news from GMI - Guitar & Music Institute

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Lates News 4/09/17

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Latest News 4/09/17 Latest News Updates From GMI Podcast & Radio SuccessThe big news for GMI as we are now...
Message In A Bottle

How To Play Message In A Bottle As Andy Summers Releases New Album

Message In A Bottle Is A Must Learn As Andy Summers' New Album "Triboluminescence" If you like Sting, then you'll love Message In A Bottle...

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