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Why Become A GMI Affiliate?

Put simply, an affiliate is someone who spreads the word about a companies products on the Internet and as people buy those products, you the affiliate receive financial award for your work.

How Much Work Do I Have To Do?

The amount of work you put in is entirely up to you, that is one of the great things about affiliate marketing. If you can only spare one hour per week that's fine. If you can market ten hours per week even better.
Remember, the more you spread the word about GMI products the more chance you have of making referral income from the work you do.

Is Being An Affiliate Associated With Lesser Products & Brands?

Absolutely not. This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding affiliate marketing out there. Some of the biggest household trade names sell the most diverse range of products through affiliate marketing.

How Much Will I Earn Per Sale?

This is covered in more detail in the section How Much Will You Earn, however, for each link that you put out there that results in a sale earns you 60% of the retail price of the GMI product.

How Do I Sign Up?

All our affiliates work through one of the biggest and most respected companies online named Clickbank. To learn more about signing up go to the page Signing Up As An Affiliate For GMI.

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