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Tuxguitar – A Guide To Downloading, Using, Creating


Tuxguitar, have you ever heard of it? Tuxguitar is a completely free open source software for guitarists that offers a multitrack editor and player. In this article, you’ll find out all about the software, how to get started using it and what we thing of it’s strengths and weaknesses. Tuxguitar is very much like Guitar Pro, but is a free software option. Does it do enough to make up for the fact that it’s free, read on to find out.

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Using Tuxguitar – Setting The Program Up

So, let’s start at the beginning. The first thing that you need to do is to download the program. If you watch the first video it gives you a run through. You can also click this link Here – Guitar Software you can download the program. You can download the program for a variety of platforms including Windows and Apple.

Remember, this program is free so you should not pay anything even if asked. So, now you hopefully have the program downloaded and installed. Now, watch the following video which gives a guided overview of Tuxguitar with examples.

Can Tuxguitar Import Midi Files?

Yes it can and this is where you can really use the program to learn music from around the world at now cost. If you have a printer, then you can then print of the sheet music.

As you can see, although this is a free program, it’s still very powerful. With the ability to import and then have control over individual instruments, you have a lot of options at your fingertips.

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The Other Options Offered

There are plenty of options and probably too many to list here. The best this would be for you to download the software and play with it to find out what it can do. One of the things we liked was that in the latest version 1.5 (although a small update has happened since), you can change the look of the interface from a selection of options.

There is also a vibrant forum linked from the software’s homepage where thousands of people around the world have come for support and to add their own songs. It’s really quite huge and shows you how popular the program has become.

Our Verdict On Tuxguitar

If you don’t have the money to shell out on Guitar Pro, then you really can’t go wrong by downloading and using this program. Is it a little rough round the edges? Perhaps. Would it be great if it could do more? Yes. That being said, it would be churlish to moan to much as it ticks so many boxes and it is completely free as we have said on more than one occasion.

You may have the money but not the experience of working with guitar orientated computer programs and if this is the case, give this a go. This is where you can find out if an expensive upgrade to a paid program was for you.

We have seen plenty of examples of small companies using Tuxguitar to create products and sell on Ebay. If it’s good enough for them and their buyers (of which there seems to be many), then it has to be worth a second look.

Who Would Find This Program Of Use?

If you are a guitar teacher or a student of guitar you should definitely check it out. If you want to create guitar music again, it’s well worth a second look.

Download the free and latest version of Tuxguitar Here – Guitar Software. Check out our many new articles which can be accessed via a search at the top of the main page or by clicking GMI – Guitar & Music Institute homepage.

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