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We will be updating this page with all relevant news from the NAMM show in relation to the guitar. The show begins on January the 17th, should be a blast!

LINE 6 Introduces The Helix Native Guitar Processor

Line 6 Helix Native Guitar Amp Modeller

Line 6 are always at the forefront of exciting new guitar technology ideas and this year at NAMM they are highlighting their Helix Native!

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Helix Native allows guitarists and engineers to accurately recreate the dynamic sound and feel of vintage tube amps, cabs, mics, and effects in professional DAW environments and can now bring those exact tone to the stage by simply transferring their plug-in preset to their Helix hardware.   “Our 20-year legacy of modeling expertise has led us to create the highest level of realism ever available in a guitar plug-in,” said Marcus Ryle, President, Line 6. “Guitarists worldwide use Helix to create inspiring guitar tones and push the bounds of their creativity. With Helix Native, guitarists and engineers can bring the same powerful tone creation workflow to their DAW of choice.”

The breakthrough Line 6 HX modeling engine uses DSP processing to deliver precision and accuracy that haven’t been previously attainable from modeling plug-ins. Guitarists can recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers and lush sonic footprint of classic effects pedals within the DAW environment, traditionally achievable through “re-amping.”

NAMM 2017: Line 6 Introduces Helix Native Guitar Amp and Effects Modeling Plug-In | Guitar World

Here you can actually hear how the Line 6 Helix actually performs against “real pedals”. Great thing Youtube, no doubt about it!


What’s Happening On Twitter re Helix? Quite a lot actually and there are a couple of more vids further down for you to check out!

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