The Country Boom-Chuck Rhythm how to play


How To Play The Boom-Chuck Rhythm


Do you know your “boom-chuck” rhythm? If you don’t know what this article is going on about then you need to have a read and try it out.

Posted by Andrew DuBrock Excerpted from Acoustic Rock Essentials: Ten Great Rock Strumming Patterns   This pattern lifted from bluegrass boom-chuck rhythm alternates bass notes with strums, as shown in Example 2a. You can mix bass notes and strum patterns in many ways. The Country Boom-Chuck Rhythm

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The response on Twitter to the lessons has been really positive; a couple of examples.

Now you can view some of the video content that is also of use with this method.

and here is another great example from Youtube to get you started.

Hopefully you’ve gained something from this post. As always, check out the many other resources that are available online including other Youtube videos and articles.

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