Our Youtube channel is really starting to take off and we are delighted with the response both from online guitar lessons on GMI Youtube and from members of the online guitar lessons on GMI site. When we embarked on creating a site, we obviously knew that the online guitar lessons market was a crowded one. Initially we felt that we should keep all content within GMI and not link with Youtube. Now we can see that by putting our content on Youtube we are attracting new visitors to this site as the Youtube channel does not offer the pdfs, backing tracks, music and notes that the GMI site has on it. It’s a sort of calling card if you want.

Subscription is rising on the Youtube channel so if you have a gmail account, a G+ account or if you are a member of Youtube, please head over to our channel and subscribe to us, we would love your support. You can get to our Youtube channel by clicking this link online guitar lessons.

There will be a lot of new uploads to our Youtube channel in the near future including technique lessons, full courses and a new music production course which we are really excited about. This is still being created, but the free course will most likely be four lessons long. It will cover aspects that are common problems to a lot of musicians who are recording their own work and will include a video on the mic’ing up of amps and getting the best signal for your audio stems.


We have new videos added to our courses in the guitar scales section and we will also be adding a couple of new videos to Ross Baird’s excellent “Advancing Guitar” course. Make sure you check them out, they are getting a lot of thumbs up on other sites. GMI will continue to offer free online guitar lessons over the coming months and years so please sign up for the latest news.




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