1. Learning To Play The Changes – The Basics of Improvisation

LESSON ONE – understanding the basics of improvisation

This lesson covers understanding the basics of improvisation the following areas with all accompanying music examples found in the PDF and audio package that is available for purchase from the GMI shop:

  1. Video of the opening solo.
  2. Using tonal centres to play through a chord sequence or progression.
  3. Playing major scales within a fretboard location with relation to tonal centres.
  4. Playing through the Giant Steps sequence in half notes.
  5. Playing through the Giant Steps sequence in quarter notes.

This is a really important lesson as it helps you understanding the basics of improvisation. Try and resist the temptation to move on to further lessons in this series until you have completely understood and can play the content provided here. In this way, you will build upon what you really know and set a good foundation for future lesson material.

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