Play A Minor 7 Guitar Chord Across Neck


If you are really wanting to learn how to play a minor 7 guitar chord all over the neck then this lesson is a must. This is another challenging lesson. It’s not that hard to play the chords that are played in the video. It does become a lot harder when you have to think ahead. That is, when you are having to think of the next chord in the four quadrant idea presented.

The quadrant idea is based around cutting up the cycle of fifths into four equal parts. By practicing in this way, we can challenge our playing to ensure we really know the chords in all keys. One problem that guitarists suffer from is knowing a few chords in a couple of keys. The reasons for this are obvious, most of the time we don’t want to challenge ourselves and have to really think. This lesson ensures that you do. As the chords move around the cycle, the first chord in the next quadrant will need to be found by utilizing the melody or bass note. This is the real challenge of this lesson. Not so much learning the shapes, but knowing how to use them.

If you stick with it, you will improve. The next lesson will expand upon the work you carry out here.

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You learned all about the minor seventh chord in this lesson, however, you also need to learn to play major seven and dominant seven chords as well. By purchasing our printed books, you support the many free resources created for GMI – Guitar & Music Institute. Please share this lesson by using the share buttons below.

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