Guitar Picking Technique


There are many views on guitar picking technique and all have their merits. Ged Brockie takes you through a traditional approach to picking as well as other hints and tips for a crucial area of consideration for guitarists.

One subject matter that guitarists seem to speak about an awful lot is strings, the other is picking technique. The amount of arguments that this can cause about what is and isn’t the best way to hold and attack the strings is legendary, especially amongst young or new guitarists. There is a school of thought out there that states that if it works for you, then that should be good enough. What you need, however, overall is a consistent picking technique and this is covered in the video lesson.

The other thing that you should consider which is not talked about in the video is the type of pick or plectrum you use. Most people agree that a harder pick is better for plectrum control than a soft one. This is strange as most new comers to playing the guitar usually always buy really soft picks. It’s hard to fathom why people always buy soft picks to begin with. The best advice is to buy a thicker pick than a thin one. It will really help you in exerting control over the way you strike the strings.


As previously stated, it’s hard to be dogmatic about how people play the guitar. This is especially true of pick technique. Some of the world’s greatest players did and do not use conventional wisdom techniques. Perhaps because they did and do not use the normal rules makes them in some way unique; there’s probably a lot of truth in this. For the vast majority of guitar players, it makes sense to work on a picking approach that is logical and works in the short and long term.

In the next lesson Ged Brockie will discuss fretboard technique, another foundation stone lesson. For more on our all the guitar tuition resources we have to offer check out our how to play guitar page.