Nova Reverb NR1 from TC Electronics.

Consider the Nova Reverb NR 1 reverb pedal.

It’s a crowded market place out there when it comes to guitar pedals. The truth is, though, that the pedals that most people buy early on are distortion, digital delay and probably a reverb pedal and that’s where the Nova Reverb NR 1 comes in.

Reverb Is A Matter Of Taste

When it comes down to it, reverb really is about “what you like”. Some people swear by a certain type of reverb sound and others will totally disagree. This is where actually hearing how a reverb effects a given guitar signal really comes to the fore.

Gary Clinton helps you through this process by ensuring that you hear a wide range of sounds in many different musical scenarios. He also let’s you hear how the pedal effects sound from right across the guitar neck.

Many Shrink Wrapped Options Within The Box

For people who like to get into the guts of a pedal’s sounds there is plenty to keep you happy. Probably the biggest amount of guitar players just want to get in and hear what the sounds are without any editing. This is just one of this pedals great strengths as it has a huge range of excellent reverb’s that are not only good for playing live, but in the studio as well. The company behind this reverb stomp box, T.C. Electronics originally just created effects for the studio, but by moving into the live arena, you’ll find that this beauty offers you some sounds and ways of doing things that you don’t find in many other pedals

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