Melodic Minor Scales In Seven Positions



For many, the amount of scales that need to be learned can be daunting and usually when it comes to melodic minor scales it’s a bridge too far. This lesson builds on a template’d system that will help you learn melodic minor scales across the fretboard. If you do not know your major scales, then please click HERE and revisit this video once you have understood and learned that material.

Learn seven positions of melodic minor scales giving complete coverage of the neck. These scales are extensively used in rock, jazz and classical music.


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Melodic minor scales are just as important as any other scale. The fact of the matter is though, many guitarists usually give up learning these as it’s yet another raft of scales to learn. GMI has created a simple and easy to learn system that builds upon what you already know. We refer to this as a template’d system of learning. If you have already viewed and learned the lesson material from fretted major scales and seven major scales one position then you will know what we’re talking about. If you don’t know what this means then we would urge you to go back and learn these lessons first. It really is a case of learning to run before you can walk if you do not view and learn the previous material.

If you have learned the previous material leading up to this lesson then well done. You are now well on your way to gaining mastery over the fret board.  Being able to play in a large range of keys in every position of the guitar neck is a big step forward.


We will be adding more lessons soon to our guitar scales offering. See the printed and ePublication resources that GMI creates. Our page How To Play The Guitar lists all our free guitar lesson courses. Finally, don’t forget our Blog which has a very wide range of new material updated regularly.