Marshall Vibratrem – An Amazing Sound

The Marshall Vibratrem – It’s Time To Vib Again!

You may think that the vibrato pedal has really had it’s day and the Marshall Vibratrem is for yesteryear. Yes, it was great in the sixties but times have moved on and it’s just not in anymore. If you think like this, then you are sadly cutting yourself of from some amazing sounds. There are a lot of bands today who are rediscovering the vibrato effect and mixing and matching it with other pedals to create new and exciting sounds. Gary Clinton who presents our Pedal Power series on GMI which details a wide range of guitar pedals, takes the Vibratrem through it’s paces.

How Good Does The Vibratrem sound?

In a word – amazing! It’s a pedal that comes with a huge amount of control and it offers two modes; vibrato and tremolo. As well as this it also has controls for speed and depth as well as a very powerful shape control. Gary Clinton goes into depth about all of these effects in the HD video guitar lesson on this page. He demonstrates the wide variety of sounds that evoke both old and new sounds and takes the pedal through it’s paces.

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