It’s You Or No One

It’s You Or No One Solo Chord Melody Solo

Chord Melody Jazz Guitar It's You Or No One
A short sample from the 11 A4 pages that make up the transcription of this piece

It’s You Or No One is a complete chord melody solo for guitarists of intermediate to an advanced level of playing. Undoubtedly there are challenges within it, but it also is a great piece to learn from the point of view of getting to know very common chord movements and progressions within a jazz context.

The Accompanying PDF For It’s You Or No One

The 38 page PDF which accompanies the video above contains the following:

  • Introduction to the work from the author.
  • Legend for the chord diagrams.
  • 3 Audio discussions played either through QR code or URL click links discussing various aspects of each piece (just over 35 minutes in length).
  • A video QR code and URL for immediate playback of the respective piece’s performance.
  • Full and complete 11 page transcription of the performance in music and TAB.
  • 132 chords clearly shown in large color chord boxes used within the piece.

The PDF can be purchased directly by clicking the following – GMI guitar shop (browser opens in new window).

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The Challenges Found In This Solo Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Arrangement

One of the biggest problems when harmonizing a melody is when the actual melody itself does not move. That is what happens in the beginning of this work where a static melody is supported and it’s desirable to have something happen.

For the most part, It’s You Or No One has a common chord progression and one way of dealing with this is to use inversions and alternate voicings. This technique has been used on several occasions.

The piece is best played at a brisk walking pace which means that some of the “set play” harmonic ideas will prove a challenge, however, once mastered they will fit into numerous scenarios.

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