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Most guitar players learn a whole bunch of scales, but the the chromatic scale guitar players of all ages seem to ignore which is a big mistake. It’s the foundation of all chords, scales & arpeggios. It’s a wonderful tool for helping your picking technique, adjacent string playing and for use in improvisation.

Knowing the chromatic scale is a fundamental tool and skill that you need to learn. As stated, it’s the foundation stone of everything you will ever play. It’s a wonderful scale for use in improvisation and chromaticism, which is the result from it’s use creates a modern and exciting sound. The chromatic scales is not only useful within the realm of improvisation and composition. It can be used within a range of warm up exercises before you start your practice session proper. Just as you would not expect a trained athlete or competitive sportsman or woman to just start running a race or taking part in a match, so you should not expect to just start playing your guitar without a warm up.


This lesson offers you a couple of ways of playing the chromatic scale. The first way that Ged Brockie shows you is vertically up the neck. The form of playing the chromatic scale makes use of finger stretches to facilitate playing all the notes of the scale. The other form that is demonstrated is horizontally up the neck. Both of these forms should be learned and played until perfect. It will help you understand the movement and distances from fret to fret at an innate level.

Your picking should be for the most part alternate up and down plectrum strokes. You should also ensure that you practice these scales slowly. The will also be an excellent way of learning other scales such as pentatonic scales and fretted major scales.

Essential Guitar Scales Book Available To Buy From The GMI Shop

Scales You Can Use - GMI Guitar & Music Institute

The chromatic scale and hundreds of other patterns are all found in the GMI – Guitar & Music Institute publication Scales You Can Use!

This full colour book can be bought either as a printed copy directly from Amazon, or as a PDF immediate download from the GMI Guitar Store.

Both books are exactly the same apart from the printed book including blank staff and TAB along with blank chord boxes for your own guitar scale ideas. The PDF book is 105 pages in total and the printed version is 152 pages in total.

What Is In This Guitar Scale Book?

  • An easy to understand template system that enables you to learn and play major, natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales over the entire neck in seven positions.
  • Included tutorials show how you can play pentatonic scales in 10 different keys within one fret board position.
  • Learn to play in 14 keys in one position using modal scales giving complete musical control over key changes.
  • Included fret maps detail a simple to understand root based system in two key positions giving you complete understanding.
  • Theoretical explanations of pentatonic, major, melodic and harmonic minor, blues, chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales.
  • A suite of “exotic” scales are included for those that are looking to learn patterns that are on the fringe.
  • Original music examples in music and TAB provided throughout Scales You Can Use! to ensure that you really learn the patterns shown. Open string patterns cover major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales.

To purchase the printed version of Scales You Can Use directly from Amazon click the link in the product box below.

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