Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal Revealed

BOSS OC-3 Guitar Pedal – More Than An Octave Effects Box

People sometimes think that the Boss OC-3 is a one trick pony. It is good if you want to double up a note an octave below the note your playing. This is true, it does this and it does it very well. The tracking, or the pedals ability to keep up with the notes you are playing while doubling is very good. This effects pedal, however, is capable of a lot more than just this. Perhaps this misapprehension is one of the reasons that guitarists don’t buy an octave pedal first. They will undoubtedly look for a distortion, digital delay or even chorus pedal before an octave pedal. This has a lot to do with perceived value and how much different the sound of your guitar becomes after switching a new pedal on.

What More Can The Pedal Do?

For a start this octave pedal can actually add a second note two octaves below the note you are playing. This is really useful for imitating bass sounds. With one octave below, you can thicken up your guitar signal and it’s great for soloing. With two octaves below, it gives the sound a lot more dig. The other facility that the pedal has is it’s ability to deal with polyphonic inputs. You can for example plug in both a bass guitar and guitar if you wish and the Boss OC-3 can deal with this no problem.

The pedal includes a drive setting. Basically, the drive setting adds a distortion sound to the palette of sounds available to the user. So, in effect you are buying a distortion pedal all be it with a little less control than the Boss Super Overdrive.

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Things To Watch Out For

A couple of things worth noting. When the main effect is taken down there is no signal; it’s either on or off. The other aspect of the pedal that is different from a lot of Boss effects pedals is that when choosing one mode, the knob controls do change in how they effect things. These are not so much problems as just operational points.

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