3. Soloing With Scales, Arpeggios & Chords Over Giant Steps

LESSON THREE – soloing with scales, arpeggios and chords

This lesson covers the following areas with all accompanying music solos and scales, arpeggios & chords found in the video available for purchase in the GMI shop with our PDF and audio mp3 examples at full, 75% and 50% for solos two and three:

  1. Learning to play scales, chords & arpeggios in position.
  2. Playing through the changes with a single line solo using chord tones.
  3. An intermediate solo which includes other tones and rhythmic diversity.
  4. A third solo which includes advanced chord formation as well as arpeggio and scalar ideas.

We would encourage you to buy the actual download of this lesson by Malcolm MacFarlane from the link above which will enable you to easily work through the many examples given. As stated, there are over three hundred chord forms to consider and derivatives. It’s well worth the small cost involved.

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