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2 – Major chords


This lesson introduces you to your first chords types known as major chords. The three major chords that you will be

major chords
Lesson two introduces you to Major chords.

learning are A major, D major and E major. You will only be learning three chords in this lesson and you may feel that this is limiting. Be aware, however, that with these three chords you can literally play thousands of well known and loved songs from all over the world.


The things you really need to grasp are: know the shape of the chord, know how to change chords and crucially, know the name of the chord. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make when learning chords is that they do not learn the name of the chord. Why is just learning the shape of a chord such a big mistake? Well, when you’re faced with a new song and the chords on the paper are chords you already physically know, but not by name… Well, you can see the problem.


The great thing about this lesson is that it leads so well into the next lesson and future chords you learn. By learning these chord shapes, you will start to train your fingers in movements and shapes. This is called “muscle memory”. What this means is that you will no longer need to think about the shapes you are playing and how they move once learned. It’s vital that you learn how to move from chord to chord without thinking about it. This muscle memory is then taken over as different chords consist of the same finger patterns. Chord changes consist of similar or the same finger movements.

The next lesson is all about Minor Chords and you will find these a lot easier than this lesson once you have mastered the chords shown here.

Remember, there are other free courses available from GMI and can be found on our How To Play Guitar page. Also, check out the GMI shop which has Guitar Books For Sale. Enjoy the lesson and get those major chords under your fingers.

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