2. Effective Chord Forms Over Giant Steps

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LESSON TWO – learning to use effective chord forms

Chordal playing. This lesson covers the following areas with all accompanying music examples found in the video available for purchase in the GMI shop PDF with 302 chord forms included:

  1. Outlining the concept.
  2. Basic chord formations.
  3. Basic chord demo.
  4. Adding extensions and alterations.
  5. Demo – basic and advanced chords.
  6. Utilising chord inversions.
  7. Drop two voicings explained.
  8. Adapting drop two voicings.
  9. Voice leading between chords.

We would encourage you to buy the actual download of this lesson from the link above which will enable you to easily work through the many examples given. As stated, there are over three hundred chord forms to consider and derivatives. It’s well worth the small cost involved.

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