Learn the techniques that make up the “Slash Style”.

Do you love the guitar playing of Slash? Course you do! If you want to play guitar like Slash then you've found a great place to start learning. Seventeen of the techniques that mark out this guitar player as one of the world's finest and most emblematic guitar players. Start the woodshedding!


Learning to play like Slash…


There is no doubt that one of the most iconic guitarists around today is Slash. World famous for his work in Guns & Roses, Slash continues to mesmerize with his great sounds and look. In this video lesson below, you’ll learn seventeen of the techniques that help to make Slash the monster guitar player that he is.

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Mike from The Art of Guitar presented quite an interesting video lesson, showcasing a set of 17 essential guitar techniques used by Slash. Stressing that Slash is typically tuned down half a step, the musician jotted down the following 17 points. Diatonic Modes, Half Step Bends, Percussive Muted Strums, Pentatonic Motifs Step and a Quarter Bends Scale Sequences Chromatic Runs Double String Bends Octave Slides Single String Elevator Adding the Major Third Layering Chords, Palm Muting, Pre-Bends Unison Bends Chord Arpeggios Adding the Second Interval Full lesson below. Read more…

Hopefully you’ll get to grips with all the ideas and concepts present in this brilliant lesson. Slash is as popular today as ever, the Twitter messages are testament to that.


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