How To Play Wonderwall – Liam’s Back On Tour!

Oasis were one of the biggest English bands in the 90s and naughties and without doubt one of the biggest hits was Wonderwall. Learn it here on GMI and learn about Liam Gallagher's upcoming tour.


A Good Time To Learn Wonderwall Now Liam Gallagher Is Touring This Summer!

So, it looks like that Liam will be touring again from this report although to be honest, there is no indication from it that he will be playing Wonderwall. That would be a shame as it’s probably one of their most popular songs.

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Here is the information you’ll be interested in if you’re an Oasis fan, or even a Liam Gallagher fan…

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher will rattle through a string of classics from his old band when he plays solo shows this summer. According to Radio X DJ Gordon Smart , Liam is preparing to throw in tunes from several Oasis albums, including Bring it on Down, from Definitely Maybe; D’You Know What I Mean, My Big Mouth and Don’t Go Away from Be Here Now and Born on a Different Cloud from Heathen Chemistry. Early Oasis b-side Listen Up is also tipped to get a run out, with Be Here Now’s Stand By Me also in the frame. Liam could also perform Whatever – the single released between Definitely Maybe and (What’s The Story) Morning Glory.

Liam Gallagher will play Oasis classics on upcoming solo tour – Manchester Evening News

So To The Song And How To Play It

Wonderwall is not that hard to play if you have a few chords under your belt and you can change between them without stopping. Here is a pretty good lesson from Youtube that should help you master the song from beginning to end.

Just so you have the actual recording at hand, here are Oasis playing the song that really did go huge. Enjoy!

Well, we hoped you liked that one. We post at least three new songs each week and we look to link it to current events with band members, the group etc. so keep checking back.

Here Is Wonderwall On iTunes

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