How to play “Welcome To The Jungle” as Guns & Roses Announce Tour

Can any guitarist who wants to think of themselves as a rocker not really get round to learning Welcome To The Jungle? Nope, they can't so with that in mind you can learn it hear and learn all about the bands 2018 tour which as recently been announced.


Welcome To The Jungle – Learn to play now!

Welcome to the jungle, just one of a battery of songs from the above band! It’s hard to overestimate the lasting power and reach of Guns and Roses. As we provide you with videos of one of their most loved songs “Welcome To The Jungle”, first we look at the news that the band has announced a new tour for 2018.

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Guns N” Roses Announce More Tour Dates Galante Block Guns N’ Roses have extended their Not in This Lifetime tour for another year, announcing a run of European dates that will take place next summer, according to The dates—which begin in early June and extend through the end of July—will take the band across the continent, and include a headlining slot at the Download Festival. The tour—which brought original members Slash and Duff McKagan back into the fold—has been a remarkable commercial success, even by the band’s lofty standards. According to Billboard, the band’s North American stadium tour this summer alone brought in $55 million. Before that leg of the tour had even begun, the Not in This Lifetime tour had already grossed a staggering $230 million. Guns N” Roses Announce More Tour Dates

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Guns N’ Roses Joined by ZZ Top Guitarist Onstage, Announce 2018 European Tour + Confirmed as Download Fest Headliner DiVita November 11, 2017 The Guns N’ Roses ‘Not in This Lifetime’ tour will continue to (rock n’) roll in 2018. The band, reunited with Slash and Duff McKagan , has already played to millions of fans around the world, raking in a fortune along the way. The performances have been nothing short of dominant and those in Europe can look forward to more dates coming in the summer along with a headlining performance at the Download festival in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the group’s North American leg is still active and fans in Houston, Texas got a treat last night (Nov. 10) when ZZ Top ‘s Billy Gibbons joined GN’R onstage during “Patience.” In the video above, Gibbons, who opened for Guns already this year with ZZ Top, took the stage during “Patience,” injecting a bit of his own style with a guitar solo. Guns N’ Roses Joined by ZZ Top Guitarist Onstage, Announce 2018 European Tour + Confirmed as Download Fest Headliner

Playing Welcome To The Jungle

There are a lot of videos on Youtube where you can learn Welcome to the jungle, however, this one is well worth a watch and is well worth watching.

and it wouldn’t be right to actually see Guns and Roses play it would it so enjoy!

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The View From Twitter

It’s always good to hear what Twitter users are saying and displaying. Here is a selection of the best and most relevant Tweets on the subject of the new Tour and Welcome To The Jungle.

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