How To Play The Ace Of Spades – Lemmy Biography Now Out!

The Ace of Spades is an iconic metal song that shook the world when first released and still resonates today. Now it's you chance to find out all about the song, how to play and also consider a new biography about Lemmy who is the man behind the whole amazing, mad and incredible sound of Motorhead.


Learn To Play The Ace Of Spades

Are you old enough to remember when the “Ace Of Spades” was first released? If your not, then it’s hard to imagine the emotion and raw power felt when hearing that song for the first time on release. A powerful roller-coaster of a track that smashed full pelt into the minds of a generation. In 2017 we have a new biography released about Motorhead and Hawkwind bassist Lemmy. It only seems right that we look at a song that is synonymous with everything about him.

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Before The Song a Bit About The New Lemmy Biography by Mick Wall

I’ve never paid attention to the Motörhead because hard rock/metal has never been my thing. But I did manage to catch the Ace of Spades Classic Albums doco a few years ago and that left me intrigued. There was Lemmy (real name Ian Kilmeister), smoking one ciggie after another, a never ending glass of Jack Daniels and Coke in his hand, wearing a grimy old Confederate uniform as he waxed lyrical about Hawkwind (his first, hippie, space rock band) and the impact of Motörhead on rock music in the post-punk era. Now rock writer Mick Wall’s reverent Lemmy:The Definitive Biography tells us more about the Lemmy persona – a man whose speed freakin’, no fucks attitude also applied to his growly singing and (mostly) banal lyrics. Lemme died in 2015 aged 70. There’s a lot about Lemme’s early days, roadie-ing for Jimi Hendrix, falling into Hawkwind as a bassist who’d never played bass and the jealousies that erupted when Lemmy got to sing their biggest hit – Silver Machine. This  culminated in his sacking, supposedly for a drug offence, but really due to that simmering rage between Lemmy and Robert Calvert ( the band’s lead singer). That is the real appeal of this book – the ascension of Lemmy to that realm that is inhabited by Keef and Jim and Jimi and Janis, and many more, those who lived fast and died young – and increasingly those that lived fast but managed to survive. They are our heroes now – especially as the boomer generation grow into old age and conformity – we still like to think of ourselves as the rebels of Woodstock, still sticking it to the man when we are the man.


If you would like to buy the book then it’s available on Amazon.

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Versions Of Ace Of Spades

Well, would you believe it, here is the song played on piano! Not perhaps to everyone’s tastes but none the less, an interesting take on the song.

Well, what did you think of that? Well, here is a complete teaching video that will help you to understand how to play Ace of Spades. Hope you enjoy learning this one!

Okay so hopefully you now have the song down, in the next video we will be looking at how to play the actual solo.

Guitar Solo from Ace of Spades

Here are some more versions of the song for you to listen and watch.

Here is a power version cover of the song amongst a huge amount out there on Youtube which really hits the spot by guitarist Anthony Kuentz. Well worth a listen!

and of course here is the original recording from Motorhead just in case!

Here Is The Ace Of Spade On iTunes

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