How to play “Sunshine Of Your Love” … as super-group Cream is reintroduced.

For guitarists, Eric Clapton is without doubt one of the most significant rock/blues guitarists of his generation and in the band Cream he became a legend. Learn to play one of their most loved songs "Sunshine Of Your Love" which includes video, an article about Kofi Baker and much more.


Learn “Sunshine Of Your Love” … as Kofi Baker, Ginger’s son goes out on the road.

Without doubt Cream were one of the most influential bands of the 60’s and had a profound effect on up and coming musicians and bands of the era. Although the band was only around for two years it’s effect on the music scene across the west has lasted much longer. Consisting of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, the song you will learn today is one of their most iconic hits.

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First Up The Son Of Ginger

First of all, Kofi Baker talks about a new tour taking place to acquaint a new generation with the music and musicianship of Cream.

Emerging from the trailblazing era of the 60’s, Cream rose to prominence bound by not only unmatched charisma and stage malleability, but instrumental precision. They were first and foremost masters of their craft, inventing conventions that have lasted for generations. Subsequently, digesting modern-day methodology is a tough pill to swallow for Kofi Baker, son of Ginger. Blood-driven by the pride and dignity of his father’s ingenuity, Baker believes educational impatience is overshadowing the push for technicality.

“Nowadays, they’re not really teaching musicians to be musicians,” Baker says. “They’re saying ‘let’s just play along with the song’ and that’s not how musicians learnt to play in the old days – they didn’t play along with songs, they learnt how to read music and practice and learnt how to play their instrument. “Back in the jazz days when drummers learnt to play, the left foot was very important. Nowadays, drummers get on the kit and they hear a rock song and their left foot sits still – they play bass drum, snare drum and right hand and just play along with the song. Once you’ve learnt how to play drums like that it’s hard to go back and learn everything from the start.”

Bringing The Music of Cream to Australia for the first time as part of the band’s 50th anniversary, Baker’s dogged in not only evading the devilish tribute band status, but conveying the spontaneity that rendered Cream unmatched.  “We’re going to bring the experience of Cream back, which means we’re going to do a lot of jamming, a lot of improvisation and a lot of giving it everything we’ve got – that’s what Cream was all about.


It’s great to think that a new generation of young people and guitarists will be exposed to some of the great music of yesteryear. Hopefully, it will make an impact on the new music that is created in future.

Learn “The Sunshine Of Your Love”

This is an excellent lesson on how to play Sunshine Of Your Love. It benefits from clear explanation and gets right into the song which makes a big difference from lots of talking before hand.

Here are the guys playing it live…brilliant!

Here is another version with Jack Bruce playing it all these years later but still sounding as great as ever!

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