How To Play Stairway To Heaven & Song Controversy

Stairway To Heaven is a song that continues to endure as the years pass by. Subject to a legal battle over who wrote it, this article includes material from web sources that shows the song chord progression to be very much older than the 20th century.


Learn To Play Stairway To Heaven

One of the most iconic songs which was played to death by a generation of guitarists. Stairway To Heaven still enthrals guitarists around the globe. First up we are going to offer you some tuition videos on how to play this epic song, then delve in to what is happening with the bands music today.

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Let’s Look At Some Other Renditions Of The Song

There are many varied and interesting versions of this song. Here are just a couple that I’m sure you agree are well worth listening to.

In this first alternate version we have the Quarteto De Cordas playing the song, as the name would suggest, with string quartet and some keyboard backing.

Now For Something Completely Different

In this song, we have a really beautiful rendition played as an instrumental version by a Japanese group which includes a Koto. There is something very haunting about this version and it is indeed right up there with instrumental versions.

That Guitar Solo

Who can’t be taken by the guitar solo of Stairway? Anyone who heard it back in the day and even today finds it a “must play” solo. So, with that in mind, here it is for you to listen to and admire!

On the next page we will look at how the band was mired in a legal battle in 2016, however, the roots of the song or at least the chord progression are much older than that as you will find out.

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