How To Play Smoke On The Water – As Richie Blackmore Sets Things Straight


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Smoke On The Water was first released in 1969. Yes, it really was that long ago, yet guitarists of all ages still want to play it which offers up a question…why? Is it the ease in which it can be learned and played? Is it the fact that the fourth intervals that start the song off click in to some primeval musical knowledge? Or, is it that it just sounds absolutely fantastic and people love to play meaty chord progressions that quickly denote the song and what it’s all about?

Regardless of the reason, the song Smoke On The Water is still as popular today as it was all those years ago and that is why we have put it up on GMI.

Richie Blackmore On Rainbow Reunited

Richie Blackmore could never be thought of as a shrinking violet. In this interview he explains how he would have felt if Ronnie James Dio had still been alive re the reunion of Rainbow in 2016.

The iconic original Deep Purple guitarist was asked in an interview if he was disappointed that he wasn’t able to invite Dio, who died of cancer in 2010, to be part of the Rainbow reformation. He responded, “I hate to say it, but no, I wasn’t. I’d finished with Ronnie a long time ago, and we kept in touch now and again but I went on to other things and he was in other things.

“We kept it very convivial and that, but I think neither one of us really wanted to get back together. He’s a strong alpha male, and so am I; he wanted to go one way, I wanted to go the other.”


Well, that’s that then. Richie telling it as it is as always and not holding back. Anyway, let’s look at the song that so many have been wanting to learn over the years and how you can play it.

Learning Smoke On The Water

Okay, here you go. First up we look at how the song can be played in the conventional way with an electric guitar…enjoy!


Smoke On The Water Alternative Versions!

Okay, well we hope you got a lot out of that lesson, now we are going to look at some of the, how can we put it, more esoteric versions found on Youtube…For some people, the following will be sacrilege but it’s a big world out there. It just shows us how big this song really is.

and if you like beatboxing, here is EPOS with his version. Go to around 1.40 to actually here him sing the main riff; interesting stuff!

Finally, so no one feels left out, here is one for all you Ukulele players out there.

Well that about does it for this post. Hopefully you enjoyed the alternative versions and if you were actually wanting to learn it, got it together with the tuition video. So, until the next song, keep with the axe!

Here Is Smoke On The Water On iTunes


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