Ten How To Play Rock Guitar Books

There are so many books out there covering how to play rock guitar, so we thought we'd cast our eye over ten that are a real stand out. Hope you enjoy this and if you think we missed one, then give us your thoughts.



guitar fretboard fluency

Again, you might argue (with some cause) that this is not a “rock book” Per Se. We have included “Guitar Fretboard Fluency: The Creative Guide to Mastering The Guitar” as is includes a huge amount of material that any rock guitarist worth his or her salt would be interested in. This book offers  you sequential patterns, interval skips, triads and arpeggios which will turn your scales into ideas that you can use in improvisation on a daily basis.

Written by Joseph Alexander, this is just one is a huge line of books written for guitar players over a prolonged period of time. Check out there listings by looking up Joseph Alexander in Amazon, it’s almost hard to believe how so much could be written by one person.

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The book has one hundred and four pages.


Again, all positive with nobody moaning about it not being all that. People who buy one of Joseph Alexander’s books tend to keep buying, he’s thought that highly. One criticism that came up was that some of the guitar boxes were not all that they could be. In the over all scheme of things, this book gets a thumbs up.

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