Ten How To Play Rock Guitar Books

There are so many books out there covering how to play rock guitar, so we thought we'd cast our eye over ten that are a real stand out. Hope you enjoy this and if you think we missed one, then give us your thoughts.



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Creative Guitar is written by the living guitar legend that is Guthrie Govan and is said to break the mold in the way it instructs. The blurb from the book itself states…

“Tired of the old ways of playing? Want to break out of a guitar rut? Learn to play rock guitar like a horn section, or a synthesizer or even like a drummer. Aimed at providing advice and direction for the frustrated guitarist, Guthrie Govan focuses on how you can expand your potential by refining your playing techniques, allowing you to tackle more complex riffs and solos. Using some of the most influential rock players of our time this book explains how to develop a more accomplished style, providing advice on borrowing licks from other instruments and using exotic scales, with each example played on the accompanying instructional CD.” 

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The book is one hundred and thirty six pages long and comes with a CD. If you are looking for a book on how to play rock guitar then this is well worth a second look.


The reviews unanimously state that this is a must have book, so if you’ve not been aware or bought it yet, now is your chance to get your hands on it and start learning something new.

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