How to play Extreme’s “More Than Words” … as band tour continues.

Extreme are one of the biggest rock bands for over the last twenty five years. One of their biggest hits was curiously a ballad which most guitarists want to learn at some time, so why should we be any different! So, enjoy learning More Than Words...the ladies will love you for it!


Learning to play “More Than Words” as band continues to tour!


We will look at More Than Words in a moment but it’s hard to belithat Extreme recently celebrated twenty five years completing what was named the Pornograffitti 25th Anniversary Tour in 2015. Currently the band are undertaking a tour that takes in America, Europe and the UK and their music enthralls another generation.

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The band is living proof if it was needed that for many bands, success comes after many, many years of work. Despite their breaking through way back, continuing to stay at the top takes creativity and the ability to hang in there.

How To Play More Than Words

More than words is an intermediate song in terms of difficulty. The song makes use of a number of chords, many which are reasonably easy, however, there are a couple of songs that may prove a real challenge.

and for those of you who want to hear once more the actual song, here it is! For this author, it always reminds me of the south of France. Walking past a bar aged twenty five with the sun shining and this song floating out over the airwaves. Fond memories.

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Extreme On Twitter

Had to start with tweet with this truly incredible image.

If you don’t own the song, then why not buy it from iTunes. Here is your chance.

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