How To Play Metallica’s Enter Sandman

Learning to play Enter Sandman is in many ways a rite of passage for most guitarist players. We show you how to do this in this article, but we also discuss how the song is part of an online campaign to have it used as the American national anthem!


Enter Sandman – Guitarist’s Must Know

Enter Sandman is loved by guitar players and hated by music shop workers. Many a shop has banned the song’s riff from being played as they have heard it just once To often.

Metallica’s song has an enduring appeal and just in case you don’t know how it goes (where have you been?), then check out this video.

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So, now that you have either re-acquainted or heard it for the first time, here is a video which teaches you how to play it.

There are so many covers out there with bands giving their rendition, so it’s hard to pic one specific one. Here is Bad Medicine and their version.

What About Your Rendition?

If you or your band have created a video performing Enter Sandman, why don’t you get in touch and we’ll add it to this post so musicians can see alternate versions out there.

The dark catchy riff is not going out of fashion any time soon, so if you have not learned the song’s main riff yet, get practicing! Just don’t go playing it in a guitar shop any time soon, you might be offered the door.

Here Is Enter Sandman On iTunes

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