How To Play Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry was rightly the Godfather of R&B and for generations of guitarists, he was a source of inspiration and lead the way in the sound many aspired to. In this article, we look at his life as a new generation can learn his incredible sound and riffs that made him a superstar.


Chuck Berry The Godfather Of Rock & Roll’s Great Riff Johnny B. Goode


Johnny B Goode

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The Godfather of Rock & Roll Chuck Berry’s passing away it’s only fitting that we look at one of his greatest riffs from the song Johnny B. Goode. Before that, here are some thoughts about Chuck and his life.

Chuck Berry’s trademark four-bar guitar introduction and quickfire lyrics reflected the rebelliousness of the youth of the 1950s. He was one of that exclusive group who took rhythm and blues from its black roots and “crossed over” to make it part of most teenagers’ lifestyle. He influenced generations of succeeding rock stars, most notably the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys. Yet he faced major financial difficulties through mismanagement and had frequent brushes with the law. Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born into a middle-class family in St Louis, Missouri, on 18 October 1926. As a teenager he began playing concerts in his local high school but his education was curtailed after he was convicted of armed robbery and spent three years in a reformatory for young offenders. On his release he made a living as a hairdresser, playing in a trio in the evenings with Ebby Harding on drums and Johnnie Johnson on piano. Johnson would remain with Berry throughout his career He was influenced by blues heroes such as Muddy Waters and T-Bone Walker, as well as white country and western music, though his singing style owed much to the clarity of Nat King Cole. “My music is simple stuff,” he once said. “Anyone can sit down, look at a set of symbols and produce sounds the music represents.”Obituary: Chuck Berry – BBC News

This is just a small part of a larger article from the BBC no less. What was once seem as total recklessness now is reported in the mainstream media. How things change!

Learning To Play Johnny B Goode

Here is a great lesson from Youtube that will teach you everything you need to know about playing the main riff from Johnny B Goode.

Some Thoughts on Chuck From His Fans On Twitter

Chuck Berry’s Music On iTunes

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