How To Play Crazy Train As Black Sabbath Say Goodbye


Learn Crazy Train As Fans Pay Homage To Black Sabbath

So all things come to an end. Black Sabbath played their final concert in an emotional farewell to thousands of fans who came from all over the world to be part of it. How big are this band? Well the fact that the BBC covered it in all it’s vastness shows just how massive Black Sabbath are.

This from the BBC website covering the Black Sabbath final gig in Birmingham, England…

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Black Sabbath, the band credited with inventing heavy metal music, have played their last concert.

The two-hour gig at the NEC Arena in their home city of Birmingham saw the rock veterans play 15 songs ending with their first hit, Paranoid. Ticker tape and balloons fell as singer Ozzy Osbourne, 68, thanked fans for nearly five decades of support.

The tour schedule saw the band visit Australasia, Europe, North America and South America, finishing with two shows in Birmingham. Black Sabbath were formed in 1968 by Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward.

The final song was streamed live on Sabbath’s Facebook page and fireworks went off as the band took their final bow, posing for a farewell photograph in front of the cheering crowd. The fans were also having their portraits taken and memories recorded, as part of the Home of Metal project.


The Response On Twitter For Black Sabbath

Obviously Twitter went wild, but we thought you would like to see just some of the comments that were made in tribute to Black Sabbath and their send off.

The Response On Reddit Was Equally Huge

Reddit had a mass of posts which would fill up a huge amount of space. Here is just one example from thousands as fans pay their tribute.

Learn Crazy Train One Of Their Most Loved Hits

There are so many songs from the Black Sabbath repertoire that we could have featured, but one that comes up time and time again is Crazy Train.

First up you’re going to learn how to play the main riff and verse, so let’s get right into it!

Okay, now that you have that under your fingers, time for part two which includes the pre-chorus and chorus with fills. Good luck!

Here is an excellent video teaching you how to play the solo step by step.

Well, we hope you enjoyed that and you’ve got it down under your fingers. There are plenty of other great Black Sabbath songs to consider learning, this is just one of many. It’s been a great journey from the guys and we wish them well in their retirement, but their music lives on.

Here Is Crazy Train On iTunes

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  1. Saw Black Sabbath at the Judges Hall in Tonypandy (South Wales) in 1970, at 14 years of age. They were supported by another Midlands group called Black Widow. Sabbath blew my mind on the night, and I have loved them ever since …. all good things come to an end, we’re all getting older!!!

  2. oh dear, you celebrate Black sabbaths legacy by showing how to play an Ozzy solo song from after he left Sabbath? Couldn’t you find any Sabbath songs?


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