How to play “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol … a funeral favorite!

Chasing Cars is one of the biggest hits around for many a year. It's enduring appeal, dripping with melancholy makes it all the more amazing. Learn to play this wonderfully crafted song today.


Before you learn how to play “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol … consider this!

There are some songs that are just epic. It’s hard to understand sometimes just why a particular song is so popular, but Snow Patrol totally nailed it with their huge selling song Chasing Cars.

How popular is it? Well, read the following article…

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Snow Patrol’s smash hit Chasing Cars has been recognized after getting 4 million US radio plays. The hit song, which was released by the Northern Irish band in 2006 from their album Eyes Open, received a BMI Million-Air Award to honor its combined radio plays. The invitation-only gala recognized the UK and European songwriters and publishers of the past year’s most-played BMI songs on American radio and television.


So it’s a popular song on the radio, that’s for sure, but would you believe that it is often asked for at the book end of life!

Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars has topped the UK indie funeral music chart, it can be revealed. While Frank Sinatra’s My Way tops the overall funeral song chart compiled by Co-op Funeralcare – just ahead of Time To Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli – new research shows that pop songs are becoming increasingly popular. Beverley Brown, general manager of Funeral Services Northern Ireland, said: “Whilst My Way is back at number one, it’s great to see a band from Northern Ireland topping the indie chart with Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol being a firm favourite at funerals across the UK.

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So How Do You Go About Playing Chasing Cars?

It’s a great song for beginners and more experienced players alike to take on. Technically it’s not too difficult. The main problem will be ensuring that you get the form of the song correct. There is also one chord within the song that some people may find a bit awkward but here is a video explaining how to get through it.

So perhaps you would actually like to play along with the original and why not! So, here it is for you to jam along with in all its glory.

Just As Popular On Twitter

Twitter really is full of this song which is a testament to its enduring appeal. Here is a small flavour of some of the many posts on Twitter.

Well, we hope you enjoy the angst of Snow Patrol’s finest hit and that you have managed to get it under your fingers. There will be more “How To Play” articles coming up really soon so keep coming back for more for great songs, background and sometimes controversy around them.

Here Is Chasing Cars On iTunes

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