How To Play Careless Whisper – George Michael

Careless Whisper was a massive hit for Wham and in particular George Michael. The actual background to the song is deeper than some people would give it credit for. Not that hard to play, there have been many different incarnations of the song as this post shows.



Careless Whisper is a wonderful song and it’s easy to play for beginners, just 4 chords, but in the lesson I show the electric part as played on the record too. Such a shame George left us so early, he really had one of the finest voices in pop history and the stories coming out now about his generosity is heartwarming. Legend.


This is a song that almost all guitar players will be able to play, regardless of how long they have been learning guitar. This was a huge hit all over the world. With only four chords it demonstrates that you don’t need to know huge amounts of chords to write really effective songs that people love to sing and play.

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Some Additional Material From Reddit About The Song

George Michael in his heyday.

The year was 1984 when the British duo WHAM! just whammed across the music charts. It sold around 6 million copies around the world and topped charts in 25 countries. It was a surprise even to George, that a song about a man cheating on his lover has come to define the start of his career and would later on become one of his most popular songs.

What is interesting about this point is the shear number of sales that singles could make at this time in the 80s.


The video and the lyrics of careless whisper depicting the guilty conscious troubled lover somehow depicts the contradictions and troubles of george’s own life.

Interestingly, the song was actually inspired by real life events, not just made up to create a selling vehicle to make a ton of cash; which it did.


The View From Twitter

Careless Whisper On Youtube

Great rendition played in beautifully and a great example of how a simple song can be made into a complete arrangement.

This is a completely different interpretation which just shows the versatility of the song. Of course, it would not be right if we didn’t finish with George himself singing the song.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this featured article on a song that has probably surprised you in it’s versatility and in the ways so many people have played it.

Here Is Careless Whisper On iTunes

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