How To Play Back In Black As Bon Scott’s Birthplace Remembered

Back In Black is one of ACDC's greatest and most loved songs. Learn to play it here on GMI - Guitar & Music Institute. As we are looking at ACDC, we thought it would be a great chance to consider Bon Scott's birthplace in Scotland, Kirriemuir. The town now has a plaque, a statue to the great man and a yearly festival. Read more...


Learn How To Play Back In Black By AC/DC’s But Check Out Bon Scott’s Monument First!

As this article is all about how to play Back In Black by AC/DC we rightly remember that thehow to play back in black band is thought of as Australian. You probably know, however, that Angus and Malcolm Young and the singer who will forever be the true vocal sound of AC/DC Bon Scott were all born in Scotland. Angus and Malcolm were born in Glasgow and Bon Scott was born in Kirriemuir. The town is now a site of homage to the sadly departed singer which not only features a plaque in his honour, but a statue.

AC/DC’s Bon Scott died 37 years ago today (February 19th), and in his honor, we’re looking back to when his hometown in Scotland honored him with a new statue. In April 2016, the town of Kirriemuir unveiled a statue of Scott.  The $90,000 it cost to create the statue was raised by fans through a campaign started by a local community group called DD8 Music.  The statue is located in a public memorial garden in a park, as opposed to the initial idea of having it placed in the town’s main square.  The reason for the location change?  There’s already a statue of Peter Pan in the main square, a nod to author/creator JM Carrie who’s also from Kirriemuir. The statue is also surrounded by the lyric “And the music was good and the music was loud, and the singer turned to the crowd and said ‘Let there be rock.'”

FLASHBACK: Bon Scott Statue Unveiled In Hometown

A Beautiful Way To Remember Bon

Kirriemuir is not a large town with a population of just under six thousand and is found in the rolling Angus countryside just shy of twenty miles north of Dundee. The small town now has a festival of rock music each year which obviously plays up the ACDC link big time and helps to boost the local economy in an area that is slightly off the beaten track.

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Where Is Kirremuir?

Learning Back In Black

No real need to explain much here, just watch the video and learn this amazing rock song!

and here is an interview with Angus Young which is quite heartfelt and a great insight into the band and the making of the album.

and if you’re minded to get it on your mobile, here is the iTunes link!

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